Arena Animation




We have many events and workshops round the academic year

Aakruti International Film Festival - Having received more than 2000 Film Entries from 150 Countries In Live action and Animation Category, AIFF is enabling film makers to showcase their talents to the audience across the globe.

Ultimate Knock Down is a thrilling all day event where students get to display their warrior side in popular titles like, Counter Strike, Need For Speed, PubG, DOTA, Call Of Duty.

Creative Chaos is a unique festival where key people from various creative industries gather and share their expertise in their repective talents. A good amount of healthy knowledge can be acquired in this month length programme.

"Tattva" meaning element. The five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Etheric represents all the metaphysical aspects of an individual's life. Tattva Zone organises outings that enhances these elements and helps students discover their innerselves and further improving their creativity.